I place great value in developing strong relationships with the families in my practice. I feel that children receive the best care when there is a partnership between parents and their healthcare provider and that two-way communication is vital for this to occur.

I am passionate about prevention. I regard diet and lifestyle as the foundation of health. Accordingly, I devote substantial amount of attention to this in my practice. I affirm the safety and efficacy of immunizations. I am an advocate for vaccination and follow the vaccine schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I aspire to relay knowledge that is evidence-based. Anyone can render advice based on personal experience but I believe that families look to their healthcare provider for more. As scientific knowledge is constantly advancing, I endeavor to remain current with recent developments. One of my pivotal functions as a pediatrician is to distill down this ever-expanding body of knowledge into what is important and relevant for the health and wellbeing of those for whom I provide care.

Frank Artinian MD


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