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Dr Artinian provides the most wonderful care for our son. It is truly comforting to have such a compassionate and knowledgeable doctor on our side. He has found his calling!

Every now and then in life, I notice some special, someone who stands-out, who is not the same as everyone else and who goes beyond what is expected. Dr Artinian is one of those people. How can we ever thank him for saving the life of our child? It's not possible to express the gratitude we feel for what he has done for our family.

We want to thank Dr Artinian for his hard work and the concern that he showed our daughter. He is an excellent doctor. Dr Artinian explained everything so that we were easily able to understand what was going on. He truly showed love and concern for our child when she desperately needed help.

When my second son was born he had a hole in his lung. At first, it was small and hard to see on the x-ray but Dr Artinian did. He handled the situation perfectly and did everything exactly right. He wouldn't leave my son's side while waiting for the ambulance and was great with my family – explaining and keeping them informed. When my son's situation worsened, Dr Artinian was forced to insert a needle into his chest to remove air that was accumulating outside his lung. He was able to do that without any complications. Dr Artinian saved my son's life.

We would like to recognize Dr Artinian for his on-going commitment to pediatric health care. Recently, our son was extremely unhealthy with an unexplained illness. The sickness lasted for a week. Dr Artinian was diligent in responding to our son's sickness and demonstrated concern for our worries as parents. He printed relevant medical articles for us to read, which helped subdue our worried minds. Furthermore, Dr Artinian was comprehensive in his approach, pursuing all possibilities as to the cause of our child’s sickness. We are grateful for Dr Artinian's medical knowledge and his outstanding patient care.

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